BMI | About BSDM 2018
BMI | About BSDM 2018
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About BSDM 2018

About BSDM 2018

Blockchain Systems for Decentralized Mining (BSDM)

Co-located with IEEE ICDM 2018 in Singapore

The BSDM (pronounced as bizdom) is for decentralized mining that considers the distributed and trusted aspects of blockchain systems for big data analytics. The workshop is to be co-held with IEEE ICDM 2018 soliciting theoretical and experimental work on the emerging possibilities in mining blockchains with a focus on studies which explore the possibilities in blockchain systems for big data analytics.

Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming mainstream and the integrity and the immutability of data in blockchain along with the control on data access creates a host of new possibilities in big data mining and analytics. In the dawn of data industrialization, finding the right information from big data repositories kept as blockchain and extracting the knowledge to create value for a business shall be the key challenges.

The BSDM 2018 focuses on data analytics and mining for the blockchain systems such as theories of mining blockchain and distributed systems, smart contracts and distributed ledger for data management and mining, light-weight consensus on resource-limited smart devices, security and privacy concerns in blockchain, decentralized schemes for blockchain data mining, performance evaluation of mining blockchain systems, blockchain in social networking, blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing, mining information flows in blockchain, mining dynamic negotiation systems, mining smart contracts and financial transactions, anomaly detection, trust assessment in blockchain, visualization methods for understanding distributed transactions in blockchain systems, and new applications or services in other domains including finance, supply chain and healthcare. The workshop is concerned with inter-disciplinary and cross-domain studies spanning a variety of areas in blockchain data analytics including artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobility analytics, information extraction and retrieval, and security, as well as other disciplines such as management information science.



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